hello & a little update

Hello, my lovely joie readers! How I’ve missed you. A fact which happens to be the theme of this post. Somehow, the last few weeks have disappeared into a flurry of deadlines, changes and, yes, a little bit of stress. I was forced to step back – and though you might have seen a post or two, I haven’t been able to invest much heart into joie lately. When we find ourselves battling for more time, energy, patience, downtime…we often jump to eliminating the things that aren’t necessity. Well. Inspiration is a necessity. So I’ll be spending a bit of time trying to figure it all out, and I will be back. That is a promise. Hang in there! I’ll see you soon. Pennyweight via Satsuki Shibuya


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One response to “hello & a little update

  1. mur

    i could not agree with this more! italy was a must. and i did it. 🙂 miss youuuu

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