happy february

A new month is here! And it happens to be one of my very favorites. I married the love of my life this month. Some of my favorite people have their birthday this month. And, to boot, it contains a most treasured celebration: Valentine’s Day. On this first day of the month, allowing myself a romantic little daydream, including a Valentine’s date and the impossible range of winter-toned beauties one might wear on such an occasion. More to come on the lovely events of the month…but for now, happy February!

Burberry via Haute Design ~ EmersonMade Little Black Dress ~ Vogue via Studded Hearts found via This Is Glamorous


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One response to “happy february

  1. mur

    happy february! i’ve come to terms with the fact that i will most likely NOT get any snow this winter… wah wah.
    three things:
    1. happy wedding anniversary month! 🙂
    2. i get to see you in TWO WEEKS!!!!!!!
    3. how do we feel about print denim?

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