beautiful room joie

Can’t get enough of this week’s beautiful room. It’s a place in the home that happens to be one of my favorites, and a highly coveted space in big city living! The dining room. It baffles me that a common space-saving solution in apartments is to cut out the dining room in exchange for a breakfast bar or living room/dining room combination. Having a space dedicated to the joie of cooking, indulging, entertaining…seems like a non-negotiable to me 🙂 This particular space is so lovely. The shade of blue is perfectly bright. I love the idea of mixing chairs and using giant comfy arm chairs for the heads of the table. For now we dine in our eat-in nook but, oh, do I dream about a formal dining room someday..

Interior by Ashley Putnam via Lonnymag



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2 responses to “beautiful room joie

  1. poodle

    i can’t tell if this room is more you or more mom…

  2. mur

    haha poods

    i do love that blue! so rich and inviting!

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