pretty parties: vintage book club

Dreaming up a most lovely (and in this case, recurring) gathering that could grace the occasional evening throughout these dark winter months. This wouldn’t be your standard book club. It would be about the classics, a theme that would carry through in subject matter, fare and style. The works of Dickens, Shakespeare and Twain would complement time-honored flavors of espresso and pastry. The gathering would be beckoned by a unique little coffee house or pub every time, treasures unto themselves in the midst of a big modern city. Members, though perhaps initially unfamiliar, would grow to cherish the treats & company alike and may even allow the idea of classicism to slip into their own individual style…

Evenings Shared via Roost Pinterest via Pennyweight ~ Books by Eric Piasecki via Coco & Kelley ~ Espresso over vanilla ice cream via Roost Pinterest via Bonnie Tsang ~ Fruitcake via Roost Pinterest via ~ Williams Sonoma cashmere blankets


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