I have, ever so triumphantly, determined the word that encapsulates my New Year’s resolution this year and I’d love to share. That word is challenge. I had all sorts of examples of the resolution swimming around my head but was struggling to articulate the theme. The idea may sound big and lofty but the true beauty of it is that it has no implicit obligations of grandeur at all. It could manifest itself in a small act of bravery one day, and inspire an undertaking requiring preparation and hard work the next. It is about doing things that aren’t necessarily comfortable and forcing myself to discover something new. Sometimes it will include doing things I’ve already done in a different or better way. Other times it will take me entirely new places and be ridden with unease and question…but my hope is that in all cases I’ll end up better, richer, stronger and more inspired than before.

So. What are your resolutions? I’d just love to hear…

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3 responses to “resolution.

  1. Jill

    1) Get workouts in during the week 2) Stick to a budget (fingers crossed!) and 3) Stress less (told that to myself a few times already with the kiddos!)
    good luck with yours!!!!

  2. Mur

    challenge. i like it. although this blog already speaks volumes! 🙂

    mine is still the same as 2011 – travel & save money. i don’t know how i’m going to achieve both simultaneously but hopefully it’s doable! 🙂

  3. poodle

    become a REAL adult person in 2012. and travel (always). 🙂

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