beautiful room joie

We’re back in the kitchen for this week’s beautiful room…and not just because I’m dying to spend some time in mine after being away over the holiday! It’s also because this particular style kitchen, known as a galley, happens to grace a property that’s come (back) on our radar recently. Named for its resemblance to the kitchens usually found on board a ship, the galley style makes the best use of the usually limited space – a feature which incidentally, applies perfectly to a big city apartment. Counter space seems to be the most obvious drawback to this kind of kitchen, so my instinct would be to add a floating island or rolling cart to the end of the galley (like this one!) I love how the design of this particular kitchen embraces and enhances the long, narrow shape of the space with lovely archways. The crisp black & white contrasts perfectly with stainless appliances. Everything seems to have its place. All aboard 🙂

Photo via Pasele A Lo Barrido


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  1. sue

    love this kitchen!!!!! sue

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