have a festive weekend

This week felt like Friday might never come, as chaotic weeks often can! But it has arrived and the weekend is bound to be fabulous. For us, it’s parties with great friends, gatherings with beloved family and lots of delicious treats…a weekend epitomizing the joie of the holiday season. Fashion choices will include a little bit of everything: sparkle, tradition, romance & classicism!

As an aside, it feels like a perfect time for me to take a moment to thank you, ever so dearly, for spending time here. Sharing my joie with you every day, well, you can’t imagine what it means. Wishing you a very happy weekend and hoping it’s full of absolutely wonderful things.

A few lovely links before you go…

An inspirational article about a fashion empire in-the-making

Perhaps a little holiday reading

A genius at work..

One of my go-to hair styles

The most gorgeous dress I’ve seen in a long time.

Holiday etiquette on being a wonderful hostess

J.Crew catalog hall of fame

Another very wonderful gift guide

Photo via Homes & Antiques via Plum Siena via This Is Glamorous



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2 responses to “have a festive weekend

  1. mur

    LOOOOVE that dress! 😉

    off to see The Nutcracker tonight with the ladies! hope your weekend is full of holiday cheer too! 🙂

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