happy weekend & first snow!

We woke up to a delicate dusting of snow here in Chicago this morning, which was quite lovely from inside our warm apartment, flannel PJ’s still on. Stepping outside in my cherished earmuffs & mittens, I slipped and slid all the way to the train. It seems that regardless of how many winters have come and gone in life, there are some things we must relearn every time.

Wishing you a very wonderful weekend, full of joie, merriment and festivity.

A couple of lovely links before you go..

The blogosphere is chock full of wonderful gift guides!

The story behind J.Crew’s winter bags

50 Best little black dresses of 2011

L.O.V.E. winter weddings

mmmmmm…minty meringues

The reason that Russia suddenly landed on my travel to-do list!

Twinkle lights in Paris 🙂

Photo via Note To Sarah via Patterson Maker



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3 responses to “happy weekend & first snow!

  1. poodle

    i’ll be your russia travel partner. celebrate our harry-heritage!

  2. mur

    jealous you guys are getting snow!!

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