fall brights

Taking a moment to celebrate a most delightful evolution in cold season fashion: the introduction and embrace of cheerful brights. Although I often turn my attention to classic black this time of year, it’s so wonderful to see touches of goldenrod, orange, mauve and fuchsia both on the rack and on ladies everywhere. The fall brights revolution allows us to choose a bold blazer, vibrant blouse or brilliant dress to pair with our more conventional black, grey, white and denim. Now, bright is not just for summer. Choose your hues wisely and you can be colorful all year long.

Diane Von Furstenburg via Atlantic Pacific ~ J.Crew fall 2012 looks via J.Crew online



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2 responses to “fall brights

  1. poodle

    gimme somma that color

  2. mur

    haha poodle. since my closet is SO monotone, i’ve been into accessorizing with brights! well…mainly just scarves. heheh…i think it really just spices up an outfit without being too bold…and doesn’t put a dent in the wallet…hehe 🙂

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