color palette crush

I never could have predicted it. As the Year of Color à la Kate Spade comes to a close, she’s thrown a little curve ball at us with November’s chosen hue. It’s multi! The collection features several pretty items brought to life by a smattering of bright colors. Blues, purples, greens & yellows combine against an anchor of classic black to liven up your closet. Evelin Kasikov’s multi print combines cross stiching with photography. Lacey’s short film combines fashion and lifestyle images in a stop motion style. So it seems, ladies, that November is all about combining. Mix it up!

Featuring Kate Spade‘s Louella Skirt, Belina Dress, Latrice Shoe, Crystal Kaleidoscope Bib Necklace & City Lights Gia



Filed under oh so pretty

2 responses to “color palette crush

  1. Jill

    I love them ALL! Exciting!

  2. mur

    THAT KATE! she really knows how to throw us for a loop! hehe 😉

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