After the Missoni sensation (or should I say frenzy) at Target in September that ultimately crashed Target’s online shopping outlet and resulted in the affordable pieces being pawned for thousands on ebay, I must admit that I got entirely swept up in the anticipation and teaser campaign for Target’s next designer collaboration. I wasn’t the only one! Target’s Twitter account was sending clues into the universe and fashion outlets of all types were publishing predictions and speculations. A couple of weeks ago they finally announced that beginning in February, a limited collection would be offered from the fresh and talented Jason Wu. Target’s efforts to bring high fashion to the aisles at a reasonable price has, in turn, elevated its brand and bought all kinds of credibility – with consumers AND in the world of high fashion. There’s something fabulous to be said about empowering the masses to add stylish, contemporary pieces to their everyday repertoire. I can’t help but love the idea that fashion demand is evolving from being on a waiting list for the next $1,000 handbag to ladies of America lining up at their local Target, and adding scarves, belts, tops & dresses to their cart next to toothpaste, cleaning supplies & toilet paper. Image via Harper’s Bazaar Tumblr

Sources include: Huffington Post, Women’s Wear Daily, YouTube


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  1. mur

    especially during these tough times for americans!

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