If weather predictions are correct, the lovely temperatures and sunshine we’ve been basking in are in their dwindling stages and may be gone for the season tomorrow. I must apologize for the slightly morose mood in light of this news…but it’s been so utterly lovely lately, I’ll be sad to see it go! The air has smelled so sweetly of fall and though the leaves are falling, the balminess conjures feelings reminiscent of late-August. Not only have I enjoyed the sights, smells & feelings, it’s also been so lovely for fashion choices. I’ve been getting away with bare legs & sweaters, thin layers, and even one last wear for some of my favorite late-summer dresses. Cardigans have been in full swing, and though it’s mostly been pumps and closed flats, even my toes have been able to fleetingly peek out of a peep-toe before hibernating for the winter. Consider this sentiment and fashion snapshot of late my wistful attempt to bid our Indian Summer a fond farewell and to say hello to sweaters, boots & the beginnings of late-fall’s chill.

J.Crew Fall 2011 Lookbook ~ Harper’s Bazaar Tumblr ~ Anja Verdugo for Hetterson ~ Heidi Merrick


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