pretty party: fresh fall fête

We (finally) have a brief break from the rain today here in Chicago and in the wake of the storm the air took on a bit of a balmy feel, making for perfect jeans-and-sweater weather. It makes me want to throw a little fête to celebrate the lovely fall feel and the fresh bounty of seasonal treats. A sun room or sheltered garden get-a-way would be perfect for such an affair, and the space would smell of fruit, spreads and fresh-baked bread. There would be a basket full of blankets to keep guests comfortable as they sip their spiced cider, watch the sun fade away for the evening and breathe in the dreamy scent of flowers..

Garden Gate via tumblr via ysvoice via Sunsurfer via Patterson Maker ~ EmersonMade India Tunic ~ Bread platter via tumblr by alexa23 via kvelv via All Things Stylish ~ Peaches via Seven Spoons ~ Blankets via Purple Diamond Flickr


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  1. mur

    sounds lovely 🙂

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