color palette crush

Just two days shy of this year’s Fall Equinox and loving the amazing mild & comfortable weather we’re having…so I’ve fully embraced the lovely colors of the moment! I love the idea of brightening up fall’s classic oranges, greens and fuchsias. The brilliant, juicy tones in this gorgeous Jen Ramos creation feel just right for the occasional 70 degree day that pops up here and there. I’m not typically one to embrace the color orange but the sunny look of these Jil Sander flats just might convince me, especially in combination with luscious olive green and feminine, neutral accents. Vive automne!

Painting by Jen Ramos of Made By Girl ~ Flowers by Chelsea Fuss for Project Wedding via Frolic ~ Sweaters by J.Crew via J.Crewing ~ pinterest via Drew Smith via Dress Design Decor ~ Green skirt tumblr via Randomitus via Patterson Maker ~ Flats by Jil Sander via Net A Porter ~ Chanel Nail Color 


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