happy weekend

What a crazy week! It simply flew by. There were many delightful times, a few muddled moments and the occasional frustration…but such are the ingredients of a very full life. I’d like to take a quick pause to express how dearly I appreciate you stopping by here as much as you do; whether it be once a week or once a day, your love and dedication is so valued. Nothing fills me with more joie than the knowledge that every so often this place can bring inspiration & simple enjoyment to others.

And so, with that, have a lovely fall weekend! Closing my eyes in the crisp, fragrant air brings me back to lovely childhood days graced with trips to the apple farm for cider and cinnamon doughnuts. Spirited, cheerful & cozy.. I hope that’s the kind of weekend you have.

As always, a couple lovely links before you go…

You have to see the interior of the Tory Burch Madison Avenue flagship boutique. Glam meets comfort in the most beautiful way.

If I could marry Danny several times, I’d wear a dress like this once 🙂

Of course, I’m in love with plaid for fall.

Recipe for pretzel rolls. YUM!

Perhaps I’m obsessed…but check out some behind-the-scenes footage from J.Crew at Fashion Week!

Image via Pink Persimmon, Patterson Maker


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