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Today’s little gem is an excerpt from a Vogue article straight from the trenches of New York Fashion Week. My eyes lit up when I saw the lovely colors and patterns from my beloved brand, which is making its debut on the runway. Read on for a little scoop on the J.Crew spring 2012 preview!

J.Crew has gone from being a preppy brand with a beautifully shot catalogue to a quirkily preppy brand with a beautifully shot catalogue and a significant voice in the conversation on American style. Sure, it might not be pushing capital-F fashion forward, but it is influencing and, one could argue, changing the way real women dress.

Today, J.Crew presents its collection for the first time in the tents, and according to head of women’s design Marissa Webb, spring will be in part a celebration of the nautical (think shipping heirs more than anchors-away sailors). Colors are crisp blues and greens, to some degree inspired by the Mediterranean and Aegean seas she sailed during a recent holiday. Reds and oranges are thrown in the mix too, as is Françoise Hardy, for her feminine-slash-tomboy aesthetic.

Two evolutions of the J.Crew look are a new skirt length—“dorky mid-calf,” as Webb puts it—and sequins in saturated brights for spring, as opposed to the sophisticated, if not muted metallics of late.

Read the full article here.

Article “And at Long Last, It’s Showtime: J.Crew’s Runway Debut at NYFW” by Emily Holt via Vogue ~ Photos via courtesy of J.Crew


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