celebrating elizabeth

I must preface this morning’s joie with a little apology for the belated wishes! This past weekend my dear friend, roommate, sorority sister, shopping partner, bridesmaid and generally amazing woman had a birthday. The memories I share with Elizabeth are timeless and priceless and so, so cherished. Celebrating 27 years of the strength, wisdom, kindness, passion & loveliness that makes her who she is. And celebrating so many years more of this wonderful friendship. We started in Wisconsin sweatshirts, wide-eyed, walking the streets of Madison and with hope, many years down the road, we will find ourselves in big hats with wrinkly skin on a beach remembering all the fabulous times..

Happy Birthday with all my love to you, E!

All photos from my library



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3 responses to “celebrating elizabeth

  1. E

    Just brought a little tear to my eye! I’m so luck to have you in my life – I feel bless everyday!

    p.s. I’ve never seen that picture of me with Maddy – I love!


  2. mur

    LOVE my big hats 🙂

  3. Jill

    Hope that it was wonderful Elizabeth! May 27 be fabulous to you!

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