color palette crush

Well. I hardly have words for how much I adore the latest Color of the Month by Kate Spade. You might be wondering why in the world I’m talking color palette when it comes to the (singular) Color of the Month. Here’s why. Kate has chosen ruby to be September’s shade and just like the facets in the hue’s namesake gemstone, the collection reflects a gorgeous range of color this month! From fuchsia-toned toppers to crimson lip stains to the rich & pretty feature print. I’m simply infatuated.

Crop of ruby feature print by Marie-klara ~ Top, bag, coat & lip color, Kate Spade new arrivals ~ Floral photograph via Marie Ek, Flickr



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2 responses to “color palette crush

  1. poodle

    i need a red lip color. we were supposed to do that when you were here. help!

  2. mur

    i am loving the ruby too! such a classic color really.

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