pretty & girly

I’ve always been dubbed a tomboy, growing up with skinned knees and grass-stained feet in the summertime, preferring the soccer field over really anywhere else and choosing outfits of blue or green rather than pink or purple. As I grow up, however, I am perhaps making up for lost time and finding myself with softer, more feminine tendencies in design and fashion. Though I still love things like working up a good sweat and walking out my front door in blue jeans, chucks and a tee, I am recently drawn to dainty colors, ornate & feminine accents and ethereal fabrics. Naturally, living with a man requires tempering that over-the-top ladylike style! But if ever I have a spare bedroom to decorate, I might not be able to resist…

Haute Design via This Is Glamorous ~ A Glamorous Little Side Project


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  1. Jill

    Can I please be there to see the expressions on Danny’s face as you decorate this room? I think that would add so much to the fun of this creation!

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