very vintage

As we continue to tour so many beautiful Chicago homes, one particular space has recently caught our eye. We’ve gathered so much information over the course of our hunt about the various vernacular used to describe different features & elements. One particular phrase has been used rather profusely about the unit we’re currently falling in love with…that word is vintage. Whereas it has a very lovely halo in the world of fashion, quite unfortunately the word has come to have rather negative associations in the world of real estate, often viewed as a polite way to say old, dilapidated or outdated. Fortunately for us, this particular space actually embodies the loveliest definition of the word, conjuring such terms as classic, distinguished, charming & elegant. As I allow my mind to wander I can’t help but think that if a vintage space someday became our home, I would want to embrace that fact and seek to enhance the distinctive and beautiful elements that make it so. Perhaps I would frequent antique shops, lean toward traditional patterns and fabrics, use tools like paint and stain to beautify & preserve the unique details. What a lovely little dream…

Haute Design via This Is Glamorous ~ Country Living via French By Design via This Is Glamorous ~ Pearson Lyle by Tom Leighton ~ This Is Glamorous


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