smell the roses

I’ve been working on something over the last couple of weeks that has required a lot of patience. My default setting as I move through my day is to absolutely FLY around. I power-walk, power-read, power-type & power-talk. My latest initiative has been to simply slow down a bit. In part due to the stifling heat, in which any kind of hustling results in a very unladylike ‘glow’, but also in order to allow myself to better enjoy. When you slow things down, you see, understand, hear things better. You catch delightful little details you might normally have missed. I even find myself laughing more often (which I didn’t think was possible!) I must credit my husband for the inspiration to take this small yet transformative step. He has a natural tendency to take his time and really soak things in. It turns out, there is a way to do that, still be efficient and appreciate each moment a little bit more.

So. Did you stop and smell the roses today?

Photo via Little Brown Pen


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One response to “smell the roses

  1. Kim and Jim

    Yes, I love to stop and smell the roses every day….sometimes twice!
    Take care,Kim

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