magical madison

Letting my mind drift back to our mini June getaway and I thought you might like to join me. It was so wonderful to be able to make a quick escape from the city to the eclectic streets of Madison. To the grassy hills & rocky shores, happy people & joyful sounds; the general feeling of enjoyment everywhere you go. Students on holiday studying brewed beer rather than psychology…young families with drippy ice cream cones, little badgers in the making…avid boaters catching the warm breeze amongst good company…alumni of all ages oo-ing and ah-ing over how the campus has changed, yet really has stayed exactly the same.

We strolled the familiar sidewalks, sampled the local brews, visited our old haunts, told (many) old stories & took in the lighthearted yet energetic atmosphere. Perhaps I am biased due to the fact that my life was shaped between those lakes, but to me there simply isn’t a more delightful place..

Madison photos taken by Danny & Jenny


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