NYC weekend & birthday joie

So excited to be jetting east this weekend to the Empire City for THE birthday celebration of the year! Can’t wait to take in the sights & sounds and get swept up in the energy of it all..

Most importantly, I can’t wait to spend time celebrating the milestone birthday of my dearest friend! For years now, Marika has been a light in my life. She has taught me to open my eyes and really see the incredible things around me, to embrace the resilient power we have to overcome absolutely anything, and to believe very deeply in the power of love. I have grown up beside her, laughed so hard with her & become a better person because of her. This weekend we toast Marika and many more wonderful years.

NYC arial photograph via Premium Swag & All Things Stylish



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4 responses to “NYC weekend & birthday joie

  1. sue

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY MARIKA!!!!Hope you have a wonderful weekend. love, sue j.

  2. jill

    I can’t wait to hear an all the fun u girls r having! Happy birthday marika!!!

  3. poodle

    the cutest bffs ever 🙂 happy bday mur!

  4. mur

    jenny, thank you SO much for being there. Having you there beside me meant EVERYTHING. my life would not BE without YOU. ILOVEYOU.

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