weekend joie

A brief thought before wishing you a happy weekend and sending you on your way..

Danny was recently telling me about a book he just finished. The book described the adventures and lessons learned of a lifelong St. Louis Cardinals baseball fan who apparently has the same amount of heart and passion for his team that Danny does for the White Sox. In his description, Danny expressed his surprise and delight upon discovering that he was not alone in the feeling after a tough loss that perhaps he could have done something differently to change the heartbreaking outcome. Something like…changing the channel at a different time, drinking a different brand of beer or biting his tongue rather than screaming curses when an error occurred. Through our laughter and my teasing of the absurdity of the idea, it struck me how wonderful it would be if we could truly focus all our time, energy and effort on those things we know we can control, and allow everything else to take their course – reveling in the wonder of such things as fate, serendipity and a greater purpose.

SO. With that little thought I say to you c’est la vie and have a wonderful, joy-filled weekend.

Photo by Elizabeth Messina, of Kiss the Groom


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  1. Kristin Bishop

    I love your blog, Jen! My mom sent me the link yesterday and I’ve been catching up on all your past entries. So fun!

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