a beautiful boudoir

There is a certain wonderfulness about being in your bedroom. I’ve always loved to just be in my room. It unfailingly feels like the safest place in the world. It is the place I begin each day, the place I take a deep breath at the end of the day, and the place I lay my head at night to dream. I think the very perfect bedroom would feel like a beautiful little sanctuary; protected, enticing & serene. There would be yards and yards of decadent fabric – draping the windows, canopying the bed, covering a chair. There would be handsome furniture to hold many treasures – chests, nightstands & vanities. There would be bright, sunny light in the morning and subtle, glowing light in the evening. There would be just the right amount of organization and just the right amount of lovely disarray.

  • Obsessed with ceiling-to-floor drapery right now.. (Joakim Bergstrom for Skona Hem via The Sweetest Occasion via This Is Glamorous)
  • Thick, indulgent canopies make a room feel so cozy. (Simple Home by Mark & Sally Bailey via Linen & Lavender via This Is Glamorous)
  • Such a gorgeous, stately dresser! (The Cherry Blossom Girl via This Is Glamorous)
  • What I wouldn’t do for more closet space 🙂 (via Domino)
  • This vanity is feminine/vintage perfection. (VT Interiors via This Is Glamorous)
  • A good bedroom has lots and lots of plush pillows. (via A Beach Cottage)
  • Sweet-smelling blooms enable sweet, happy dreams.. (via tumblr via Bearnaked via Bippity Boppity Boo)

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