wedding memories: getting ready

With final photography in my hands, I thought it might be lovely to let my mind wander back to that wonderful weekend in February. Join me in a little collection of wedding memory posts 🙂

Getting ready to walk down the aisle is something I will never forget. Excitement was in the air, butterflies were fluttering in my stomach and everyone was feeling festive. True to my vision, the ladies and gents each had a beautiful dressing suite in the historic tower of our downtown Chicago hotel to prepare in. One of the things that makes getting ready for the moment of your life so amazing is that you are absolutely surrounded by your people. My best girlfriends, my sister, my momma, my new family…the people with whom I’d shared wedding dreams for years, so happy and supportive, eyes lit up like the Fourth of July with shared excitement and sentiment.

Our hair and makeup was done so it was all about finishing touches. I was so taken care of and so excited.. such a lucky bride.

Stay tuned for more wedding memories..!

All wedding photographs taken by Tina Thomure, Artisan Events.


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  1. Mur

    i just got butterflies looking at this. SUCH an unforgettable weekend. I know i’ve said it before – SO honored to have been a part of it. LOVEYOU.

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