teatime joie

In the middle of the afternoon on a very busy day, I often think about slowing down for a quiet moment with a good cup of tea. Whatever happened to the lovely tradition of high tea anyway? Akin to the idea of a siesta, there should be an hour in the afternoon during which tea, treats and good company are of highest import and the challenges, troubles and stresses of the day are cast aside. That time would be for breathing deep, laughing loud & feeling light. In the fantasy home that Iā€™m mentally building, there would be the perfect spot for afternoon teatime. Pastel color would grace the decor. There would be ample, comfy sitting space and fragrant flowers. There would be overflowing book shelves, interesting trinkets & plush, indulgent blankets to wrap up in. Most importantly, there would be a beautiful antique tea set beckoning sweet, steaming brews and delectable treats on the side..

Teatime joie is also inspired by Pop…who always honored an afternoon cup of coffee, and was undoubtedly the best company anyone could ask for šŸ™‚

Sitting room image by Thibault Jeanson via Elle Decor; Cashmere throw photo by Polly Wreford for Easy Elegance via This Is Glamorous; Lilacs by One Love Photo via 100 Layer Cake; Book images via Better Than Fine & The Coveteur; Teacup photo by Alexandra Grabelewski via 100 Layer Cake; Cake photo via Call Me Cupcake.


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