inspired by chocolat

I’ve recently finished reading the book Chocolat by Joanne Harris. I absolutely loved it. The tale is about an enchanting woman, Vianne, who arrives with her daughter in a quiet French town and opens a chocolate shop in the town square. Vianne becomes a beacon of light for the sheltered, timid townspeople, introducing them to a colorful, indulgent side of life they’ve never experienced before. Though I am neglecting to share the intricacies of the story with you, I was quite inspired by the color palette that in the book symbolizes happiness: shades of red & pink, from strawberry to crimson and everything in between. Happiness to Vianne was a brightly colored scarf to match the shades of foil in which her confections were so beautifully wrapped. Rich, lush flowers decorated every vacant surface indoors and out. Every day could be an occasion for celebration, joy & bravery and we should dress, toast and indulge as such. I couldn’t help but capture some of the cheerful colors I saw in my mind as I read today. S’il vous plaît profiter!

  • Lovely shades of pink styled in a spring 2011 J.Crew collection outfit
  • Would love bustling around a bakery kitchen in the Strawberry Rhubarb Apron from Anthropologie
  • This neon pink Gold Coast Lacey wallet from Kate Spade would never get lost in the depths of your bag 🙂
  • Reds and pinks combine in Balenciaga’s floral skirt & clutch (hanging in Sylvana Ward Durrett’s closet via The Coveteur)
  • The prettiest cupcake liners I’ve ever seen! (Lollipop Garden Cupcake Liner Mix via Shop Sweet Lulu)
  • Roses, roses, roses – in cherry, cream, raspberry & blush. (via Little Brown Pen)
  • Andy Warhol’s playful spin on the iconic Dom Perignon 2002 red label. Cheers!

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