blushing neutral

I can’t get enough of the pretty pale shades showing up all over the place this season. I’ve always been a fan of pastels (in moderation) but the recent emphasis on ballerina pink and creamy taupe is making me very happy. A small collection of favorites follows with many more to come!

  • Another Todd Hunter masterpiece, this one called Caravan (via Scott Livesey Galleries)
  • L.O.V.E this one piece J.Crew swimsuit. The feminine shade and cut is so beautiful, I’d throw a pair of shorts on and wear it all over town!
  • Wouldn’t this light pink Dion Lee dress be perfect for a summer wedding? (Pleated Silk Tulle Dress via
  • Can’t talk blush without a picture of the perfect pointe shoe. (By Yan Photo via Snippet & Ink)
  • One of my very favorite flower species, ranunculus, comes in a delightful gradient of pink! (Photo via Real Flowers)
  • Pretty pale Chanel nail shades in Pearl Drop and Jade Rose
  • To die for Brian Atwood silk satin platforms in the sweetest shade of ballerina pink. (via

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