a most lovely work space

Until recently, the idea of working from home had never been a consideration. But with our move to the big city I’ve found that client meetings are a bit more arduous to get to and from, thus, I am gradually discovering for myself the unique existence of the home office. When I imagine the ideal version of such a space, I see bright, fresh light that energizes me & emphasizes the materials around me: photographs, books, notes, sketches and more. The space would have ample storage and would provide me the ability to display the many & constantly evolving things that inspire me. I envision a large work surface that could flex to host many different projects, from chaotic & creative to organized & analytical. There would be neutral, calming colors accented by stimulating brights, and it would always feel comfortable but motivating.

  • I love the pinboard wall, papered with clippings & memories. And surprise, surprise.. I’m dying for that chair! (Domino photo via Flickr)
  • The blushy-neutral shades and feeling of organized chaos makes this space so appealing. (Domino photo via Apartment 132)
  • Big bright windows open up a room and invite energy when you need it most. (Madderlake Design via Frolic)
  • Every little detail in the room comes together to spark ideas & inspire greatness! (Left to right, photos via: Better Than Fine, Pottery Barn, Little Brown Pen, This Is Glamorous & Frolic)

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