the perfect place

I think every single place I’ve ever lived has had one. Just a little corner of the universe that invites & embraces all things ME. My mood, my scent, my style, my treasures, my comfort. I think it’s something that humans innately do; they find their space and claim it for the place where they know with absolute certainty that they can just be. It isn’t always an intuitive spot. In my childhood home I grew up through various nooks. When I was a little girl, my place was my backyard swing. As a teenager, I would retreat to my closet – a small walk-in that allowed just enough space for me to sit Indian style and write in my journal or read my books. In college my nook was simply the floor beside my bed where I would sit for a rare moment of peace amidst homework, activities & friends. Now I have a window bench in my kitchen with a view of the backyard where I sit and talk to my mom on the phone and watch the seasons paint different pictures. In your place, you don’t have to be anything but true, and usually, even the look of the spot reflects who you are and what makes you feel, well, you.

I think it’s good for our souls to find a little quiet time in that spot every so often. Not to escape, but to enjoy and reflect and bask with ourselves. Maybe eyes closed, soaking up the small ray of sun that shines through the living room window. Maybe at the vanity sorting through and reminiscing about the treasures that live there. Maybe on your porch, taking in the sounds & smells of spring in your neighborhood.

So. Where is your place?

From left to right, by row: image by Mama’s Rolling Stone via Frolic; Frolic; from Domino via Frolic; by Paul Costello via Domino via This is Glamorous; via Better Than Fine; by LaCabane Perche via Frolic; by Mary Ruffle via Better Than Fine.



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2 responses to “the perfect place

  1. Mur

    i could not agree more. i think it’s so incredibly important to find that place where you can just be at peace with who you are. no matter where you are in the world. a place that allows you to reflect. dream. and feel totally at ease without the world judging. you go through all these different phases of life – new job, moving, new relationships, etc. and having that one place to feel 100% YOU is just necessary. i am so glad you’ve found your “place” in chicago 🙂

    My place in Madison was the terrace. We had amazing memories there but when i lived there after you all left after graduation, i remember taking long walks along Lake Mendota and just feeling so right. right about all the decisions i made in my life. right about the things ive accomplished. right about all the things i dream of. and right about the people in my life. YOU.

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