it’s all in her details

Because my gorgeous sister has such amazing style, and today is HER day, here is a collection of beautiful things that remind me of my Poodle! Of course, I could never capture her entire essence on one page…I’m only scratching the surface.

  • She has an incredible eye, even when dressing down. And she wears BRIGHTS so well. (J.Crew vintage cotton tees in Persian Violet, Island Aqua & Lemon Pulp.)
  • She is incredibly well-read…constantly seeking knowledge and inspiration, from classics to cutting edge. (Clothbound Penguin Classics from Anthropologie.)
  • She lived the streets of Florence! Loves adventure in far away lands, from Italia to Tanzania.
  • The girl can cook! She has natural grace & creativity in the kitchen, a gift which apparently skipped her older sister πŸ™‚ Love being her sous chef! (Anthropologie‘s Food Fashion Friends: Recipes and Styling for Unforgettable Parties.)
  • Law student extraordinaire! She’s made it through nearly 2 years of law school with flying colors. So proud! (Home office image via Frolic.)
  • I feel like she always has a big beautiful hobo on her shoulder…filled with interesting things! And always including a lovely shade of lip gloss. (Image via J.Crew, spotlight on What’s In Lauren Hutton’s Handbag.)
  • Day or night, her style is elegant but playful – always with an interesting detail like sparkle or color. (Past season J.Crew collection outfits.)
  • A lover of shoes, Steph’s collection is nothing short of fabulous. (BHLDN shoes)


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4 responses to “it’s all in her details

  1. poodle

    well, you certainly make me look good on paper πŸ™‚ thank you! CAN’T WAIT to see you!!

  2. sue

    happy birthday stephi!!!! love, sue

  3. Mur

    THIS IS SO TRUE! Steph is the most stylish girl i know. honestly. πŸ™‚

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