the fabulous jenna lyons

Every J.Crew girl has heard of her, or has at least seen ‘Jenna’s Picks’ on the homepage when embarking on an online shopping session. She is Jenna Lyons, Creative Director & style maven extraordinaire at J.Crew, and personal inspiration to me. She’s in her early 40’s, has a gorgeous husband and child and has worked her way up the ladder at J.Crew for more than 20 years. She has lived through the many phases and faces of the brand and is responsible for its latest edition: a multi-million dollar mass-retailer that has SERIOUS fashion credibility. A veritable oxymoron in the fashion world today. Not only does she have an incredible eye, she also has serious conviction and has pushed the brand in bold ways, like carrying non-J.Crew brands in stores and online, for sheer appreciation of quality & pairing. She has redefined the idea of affordable luxury and strives to lead a company that not only inspires but also connects with consumers in personal – and exceptionally stylish – ways.

Just my little way of paying homage to the creator behind the genius…of my closet ☺


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