living pretty

There’s something so nice about being home. Home to me is all things comfortable and safe – but increasingly it has become a forum for self-expression, another outlet for personal style. There are so many incredible designers; it’s easy to collect a long list of ideas, tricks and beautiful things.

The living room seems to be a space that should be inviting and engaging, chic and stylish with a touch of personality. My dream living room would be built with vivid color, timeless pieces, abundant flowers and books. It would feel comfortable yet sophisticated and would be a place where one could spend hours. There would be a chair angled for morning sunlight, perfect for tea and a newspaper. Later, the same chair would beckon a glass of wine and good company. The flowers would rotate and change, the windows would open to a fresh breeze and the colors would shift seasonally – always held together by my favorites: classic black & white. It would look formal, but really be a sanctuary…a place that’s all about you.

Images (by row) via: Little Green Notebook, Domino, Pottery Barn, Kate Spade, Little Brown Pen, Myleshenry Blog via White&Wander via Frolic, The Coveteur, Domino.


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  1. E

    I LOVE that I get to read this at work now. A little Jenny each day can only make things better 🙂

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