enchanted wedding, part two

The next chapter of wedding-planning joy is engagement photos, a step which is totally nonobligatory but so, so fun. When you’re freshly engaged you have such a lovely glow. For me, I just couldn’t stop smiling, laughing, beaming, everywhere I went! I think it’s a time in your life you simply must capture. I was living in Cincinnati during the time of our engagement and Danny was on assignment in Florida. I went on a hunt for a local photog…someone that could capture the pure emotion of the moment. I came across loft(3) in my research; a husband/wife team who specialize in wedding, engagement and birth photography. Their portfolio is phenomenal. They have a super unique style that combines classic and quirky and clearly have nailed the ability to draw out a couple’s personality during a shoot. It was our first experience (ever!) being the subjects of professional photographers so we were a little shaky, especially with the imminent threat of spring rain showers on the day of the shoot! But the engagement glow and loft(3)’s genius, combined with our pure happiness to see each other (long-distance engagement!) made for a simply gorgeous session…rainy day and all.

Here’s a selection from loft(3)’s library of smitten shots. The nature setting is Cincinnati favorite and springtime beauty, Ault Park, our favorite place to bring a blanket on a sunny day while living there. As soon as we wrapped there, the rain came! The town-inspired setting was our very own delightful Hyde Park Square, where we first made a home after life as college students. Although I was freezing (like always) we were SO not miserable! Adam and Melanie made it fun and exciting, and in hindsight, we are very thankful for the downpour that made the day (and photographs) unforgettable.

Upon receiving the proofs from the shoot, I had already launched into save-the-date design mode. Since our wedding was to be held in Chicago I felt strongly about notifying out of town guests well in advance. Although I work amongst some of the most talented graphic designers imaginable, I had heard of a local talent outside my firm known for creating exquisite wedding stationary. And she really was perfect. Lisa Barlow created the classic, elegant, with-a-vintage-twist vision that inspired more than just stationary. Her first endeavor had been to transform one of our romantic engagement shots into a timeless save-the-date card. Every detail from monogram to envelope liner fit my vision flawlessly…

More soon on our wedding day fashion!


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