shamrock love

Only one week until the city of Chicago turns itself upside down to celebrate its favorite holiday. The streets will fill with clover-clad parade goers, the bars will fill with happy (and thirsty) partiers and the river will fill with gallons upon gallons of green vegetable dye. This being my first time as a Chicago resident during the blessed event, I thought I’d get in the spirit by sharing a collection of festive items. Enjoy!

•    Shades of green – so very springtime! A collection of J.Crew’s spring color palette, including keylime, cypress, light cactus & wintermint.

•    Gorgeous green florals – hydrangea is my favorite! Can’t wait to see the lush, full blooms around the neighborhood this summer. (Photo via frolic! Floral styling by Chelsea Fuss for Bluepoolroad. Layout and graphics by Peggy Wong.)

•    Danny would say it isn’t St. Patty’s Day without a Guinness. We visited the original storehouse in Dublin while on holiday summer of 2009!

•    I love the subtle green tones that tie this lovely floral wallpaper together. I want to use it in our bathroom just as soon as we own a home (soon!) ☺

•    I would say it isn’t St. Patty’s Day without a Shamrock Shake. Can’t wait for that creamy, yummy mint deliciousness. (Photo via Zazzle)

•    You won’t last long in the windy city without a scarf! Pretty shamrock shades from Anthropologie.

•    Love the cheerful classic look of this vintage bottle with a sprig of wildflowers.

•    Wishful thinking…no chance for shorts in March around here. Love the festive shade paired with neutrals by J.Crew.


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